Frequently Asked Questions

    • You can only try three codes each day. If you have more codes to try, please keep those codes in a safe place and try again the next day.

    • Sometimes our mails won't reach you. Because they end up in a spamfilter or fall through the cracks of the internet. Don't worry, the confirmation mail is just a nice extra to show your friends "Look, I really won". At the moment you entered your data it was immediately captured by us. We've got your back and we WILL reach out to you. And if the gods of email won't cooperate we will give you a call.

    • If you buy a glass of Stella Artois in one of the participating venues, it will be served with one of our typical Stella 'drip catcher'. Your code will be printed on that drip catcher. Including the name of the site to visit to try your luck... but of course you're already here ;-)

    • You will only find codes in PARTICIPATING venues. Stella products you buy in other places or in stores won't have codes. You can recognise these venues by keeping an eye out for our posters and leaflets that announce our Wimbledon competition.

    • If you are a winner, congratulations! You've scored a pair of tickets to The Championships, Wimbledon. What should you do? Nothing. We will contact you to brief you on the game you're going to visit, explain you how you will receive your tickets, etcetera.
      It might be a few days before you hear from us. If you really can't wait, contact us at [email protected] .

    • You can try that same code again at a later time, no problem.

    • We ask for your date of birth because we want to make sure you're of legal drinking age. We ask for your email address to keep the competition fair and prevent people from trying too many codes on a single day. We only store your personal data for the duration of the competition, everything gets deleted afterwards.
      If you subscribe to our newsletter we will ask you for some personal information, how we process and use that particulatr data is explained in our Privacy Policy.
      If you're a winner we will ask you some info so we can reach out to you and deliver your prizes.

    • If you couldn't complete the step where you supply us your personal data - which we need to contact you - there is a simple solution. You can enter your winning code again - at a later time and/or on a different device - and still complete the form. You can keep trying until we have registered all the data that we need.
      Did you enter a wrong email address? We will call you when we can't reach you by mail. Did you also enter a wrong phone number? It must have been the excitement of winning ;-) Please contact us at [email protected]. We will ask you to show us the drip catcher with the winning number, just so we can verify you've actually won.

    • A visit to a real live Wimbledon match is a great experience, even if you're not a big tennis fan. And if you really don't want to go, there will be lots of people who would LOVE to take your place. What a great prize to win, the chance to make a friend super happy!

    • If you have a question and you can't find an answer here, please contact our Customer Service Center. For the fine print of the competition, please try the Game Rules.